Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2 aims to fix a bunch of things like police response time and car steering

Announced in the guise of a news report, the latest from Cyberpunk 2077 is a look at the next big 1.2 patch, which addresses multiple glaring issues such as cops suddenly appearing from out of nowhere to bust you up, improved vehicle steering controls, and fixing unnecessary dodging incidents. It’s quite a weird way to provide a patch update, especially when the fixes aren’t clearly laid out in non-cyberpunk lingo. Nevertheless, an update to fix a bunch of stuff is always welcome.

Overall, it’s good to know that the developers at CDPR are staying on top of the situation and are working hard to fix the game, despite the setbacks caused by the recent cyber-attacks.

It is interesting to note also that it is still not available on the PlayStation Store, making that 3 months since its been pulled out due to quality concerns.

No word yet on when this update will roll out to users, but CDPR has laid out a roadmap for 2021, outlining what players can expect from the game, such as free dlc’s and the next-gen updates.

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