What to expect at this year’s New Game Plus Expo

It’s no Nintendo Direct or Playstation State of Play, but the New Game Plus Expo will be streaming tomorrow on Twitch throughout the wee hours of morning on March 5, 1AM Manila time.

If you’re staying up for some updates and announcements, let this guide help you out on what to expect and which developers/publishers to stay up late watching.

new game plus expo schedule

INTI CREATES — 1:00 am MNL time

Bloodstained and Mighty No. 9 developer and publisher INTI CREATES will kickoff the stream. Nothing really up in the air save for an upcoming Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 for the Nintendo Switch. So we’ll probably see more of that.

Aksys Games — 1:30 am MNL time

I’m you’re planning to stay up expecting a Guilty Gear Strive video for Aksys Games, I’d suggest sleeping it off and waking up much later during Arc System Works’ stream. While Aksys Games have published Guilty Gear titles in the past, they’re mostly known for localizing Japanese games from Arc System Works and Idea Factory in North America. They’ve announced on their website that they will be announcing new localized titles at NGPX.

Idea Factory Int’l — 2:30 am MNL time

Idea Factory, mostly known for the Neptunia series and their otome titles with their most recent project being Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~ published through Aksys Games in North America. There is a Neptunia title possibly lost amidst all the next-gen hype, if not, it’s all about husbandos, butlers, and kabedons. No, it’s not a deep fried meat dish in a rice bowl unless you’re into sausage.

Natsume Inc. — 3:30 am MNL time

Harvest Moon fans rejoice as we delve into this late into the wee hours with Natsume being next on the list. With Harvest Moon One World just being released, they’ll most likely be hyping up this title.

NIS America INC. — 4:00 am MNL time

There’s a lot going on for NIS America the next few months with the announcement of Kotaro Uchikoshi’s new visual novel World End Club on Nintendo Switch, the current announcement of Caligula Effect 2, and this low-key title dropping next month–Poison Control. Expect updates for these titles and maybe something Disgaea related.

Gungho America — 5:00 am MNL time

Remember Ninjala? I don’t, but I was briefly reminded of its existence after seeing Knockout City being hawked around in every high profile announcement event. Hell, I won’t be surprised if it makes an appearance in NGPX. We’ll probably get more Ninjala tournament updates for players still following this title, if nothing else.

Arc System Works — 5:30 am MNL time

With Guilty Gear Strive just recently delayed, we’ll probably see more game trailers for this upcoming fighter. It’s looking amazing from what we’ve played on the Beta, and if we’re lucky, we get another character reveal. I vote Zappa. If you’re a Guilty Gear fan, this may be something to wake up early for.

As with all things, watch this space for the roundup of what was announced, if any surprises happened, and at the very least, some pretty neat Youtube videos.

New Game Plus Expo will be streaming on Twitch on March 5.

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