OlliOlli World Final Preview – The Most Fun You’ll Have Wiping Out

With OlliOlli World releasing in a few weeks, Private Division has been so kind to treat us to another preview of a game that’s been on our wishlist ever since it was announced. We’ve actually taken a look at it before and the little that we got to play through left us impressed and wanting more.

In case you haven’t seen or heard about it yet, OlliOlli World is a skateboarding platformer where you tackle various challenges while doing tricks and completing levels set in different biomes in Radlandia – a skateboarding utopia where every boarder is aiming to be a Skate Wizard to enter Gnarvana.

One of the Skate Wizards, Chiffon, has recruited you to be trained to skate their way while learning new tricks, meeting the other SkateGodz, and mastering the five biomes en route to enlightenment. Joined by the wacky crew of Suze, Mike, and Dad (yes, his name is Dad), You begin your journey across Radlandia.

olliolli world character customization

OlliOlli World is unlike any of the skateboarding games that you’re used to. Progression along levels is rather straightforward unlike the skate parks found in similar titles, and your task is to get the highest score using any combination of tricks along the way, all while completing optional challenges for more rewards.

There’s a huge focus on doing tricks if you’re the competitive type, and many of these are almost necessary to clear some of the later levels, with the biggest ones being grinding and wall slides. Some of the areas will require a comfortable proficiency of learning how to move from a grind and then jumping to a wall slide, and each level leading up to the later ones will gradually ease you in the habit of pulling them off.

olliolli world burntrock screenshot 1

Up to Burntrock, the third biome, you’ll still be learning new tricks such as the board grab and air flips. It’s quite fitting that on your journey to Gnarvana, you’re always learning new things and that’s all reflected in the level progression, spacing out new features to keep the later levels interesting. This style of progression also entices players to go back to the earlier levels to try and attempt for higher scores to stay atop the leaderboards.

OlliOlli World encourages repeat attempts at levels, backtracking once you’ve learned new tricks to pump up your scores even further. It may not look like it, but the game is set to thrive off of its competitiveness, showing you global leaderboards with replays and even rivals whose score you’ll be aiming to beat.

One of the biggest draws in the game is the introduction of cosmetic items to customize your skater with, adding a dash of personality to your skater. From face to hair and even to the clothes and board, there are a ton of customization options for your character, almost ensuring that no two players will look alike.

Not only can you change your outfits, but you can also change your board and wheels to your liking. Whether you want the colors to match your outfit or reflect how you’re feeling for the day, OlliOlli World has the style and color for you.

Finally, you can even customize some of your signature move sets, changing the animation of your poses to your liking whether part of the online multiplayer or just for your own amusement.

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In the midst of the big-named AAA titles coming out in February, this game dares to stand out with its combination of chill-out beats and quirky story cutscenes. Whether you’re in it to win it or just cruising along, OlliOlli World is the most fun you’ll have while wiping out as you work your way to Gnarvana.

OlliOlli World launches on February 8, 2022 on the PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and the PC.

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