Sony Play At Home update gives out 9 free indie games starting March 25


You may now claim these Play at Home titles through their respective game links on your regional PlayStation Store and best of all, no PS Plus subscription required! Keep them all for free, forever.


The past couple of weeks were all about new game additions and free games all around, making it a good time to be a console gamer. Earlier today, Sony has made their own announcement, providing an update to their Play At Home initiative by giving out 9 free indie games! Best part of it all is that a PS Plus subscription is not required to redeem these titles, so you can own them forever.

Starting March 25 until April 22, these Indie games, including critically acclaimed titles such as Abzu and Subnautica, will comprise the next batch of free offerings. There are a number of gems in here, especially Astro Bot Rescue Mission for the PSVR, so this is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Check the list out below:


Abzû play at home

Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon play at home

Rez Infinite

Rez Infinite play at home


Subnautica play at home

The Witness

The Witness play at home

Astro Bot Rescue Mission (PSVR)

Astro Bot Rescue Mission for PS VR play at home

Moss (PSVR)

Moss play at home

Thumper (PSVR)

Thumper on PS4 play at home

Paper Beast (PSVR)

Paper Beast play at home

Do note that Enter the Gungeon won’t be available in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. Additionally, Subnautica, The Witness, Abzu, Rez Infinite, Moss, Thumper and Paper Beast won’t be available in China as well.

Whatever the case, that’s a lot of games to keep you occupied before the release of Sony’s first party titles for the PS5 such as Returnal, Deathloop, and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart.

Ratchet & Clank is still free to download until March 31, so don’t forget to redeem that while it is still available!

This Play at Home batch of titles is valid from March 25, 2021 to April 22, 2021 only.

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