Everything announced during Square Enix Presents

While it is definitely a marketing push for their soon to release Spring titles, Square Enix Presents had some surprises to share. Overall, the 40-minute presentation was well crafted and had a variety of showcases and then some.

While it had a massive marketing push for Outriders, Balan Wonderworld, and the PS5 launch of Marvel’s Avengers, it is mostly information we already knew if you’ve been following the news carefully. There is a reveal of Black Panther for Marvel’s Avengers as well as the promised “robust roadmap”, unfortunately no Spiderman in sight yet.

There was some fanfare for Tomb Raider’s 25th anniversary, but it’s mostly to push the new Tomb Raider Survival Trilogy that’s available now along with its many crossovers. There were also trailers for Square Enix Montreal’s Mobile Push as well as some of Taito’s upcoming games.

The big star of the show was Life Is Strange: True Colors, a project that new developer Deck 9 had worked for since 2017 and will be released in full, not in episodes, on September. Finally, Project Athia has been teased revealing its final name — Forspoken, with a launch date of 2022.

For a quick recap, here are all the announcements from the showcase:


Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary

Square Enix Montreal Mobile Games


Taito Sizzle Reel featuring Darius Cozmic Revelation

Marvel’s Avengers Next-gen Trailer

Marvel’s Avengers War For Wakanda Expansion Trailer

Balan Wonderworld

Life Is Strange: True Colors

Life is Strange Remastered Collection

Forspoken (Formerly Project Athia)

In case you want to watch the full presentation, you can do so here:

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