A bunch of Capcom soundtracks are now on Spotify

Take your Spotify playlists to the next level with these bangers from the Capcom Sound Team, which you can stream at your own convenience.

As spotted by Nibel on Twitter, a number of soundtracks were recently added to Steam like Okami and Dino Crisis, but noted that they were also available on Spotify as Capcom themselves have announced. Apart from the newly uploaded titles, a whole bunch of game soundtracks are there including OST’s from Phoenix Wright, Mega Man, and much more.


Notable soundtracks on the list that you can stream are a Monster Hunter Rise mini album, the newly uploaded Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, Street Fighter V Champion Edition, and Resident Evil 3.

You can view all of the uploaded Capcom soundtracks through this link. Other soundtracks like Bravely Default and Final Fantasy VII Remake are available on Spotify.

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