The Final Fantasy VII Remake Soundtrack is now available on Spotify

Give it a listen!
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A lot of Final Fantasy updates for fans today! In between the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade announcement to the 2 new mobile games in Ever Crisis and The First Soldier, fans may have missed out on this smaller but equally awesome announcement.

Spotted on the Final Fantasy Twitter account, the full Final Fantasy VII Remake soundtrack is now available to stream via your favorite streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. In fact, if you can’t wait, you can listen to it below or through this link in your app.

156 Tracks! 8.5 hours of Final Fantasy music, enough to last you a whole work day!

If there’s anything that the Final Fantasy VII Remake does right and even improves on, it would definitely be the soundtrack, which modernizes all the tracks but still retains the heart and soul of the original.

BRB, tuning out!


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