The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles announced for July 27

The Great Ace Attorney, in case you didn’t know, are the previously unreleased games from Capcom in their Ace Attorney franchise. Well, previously, because they will finally make their way Stateside on July 27!

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles will contain The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve and was one of the titles previously leaked during the great Capcom hack.

You will play Phoenix Wright ancestor Ryunosuke Naruhodo in ten novel adventures as you follow him in the turn of the century Japan to England. He’s joined by legal assistant Susato Mikotoba and detective Herlock Sholmes. Yes, you heard that right–Herlock Sholmes. What’s next, his French rival: Poicule Herrot?

Court battles and investigations await as well as Summations Examinations where you can investigate jurors and amend discrepancies in evidence. Furthermore, you can toggle Story Mode on and off.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles launches on July 27 on the PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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