Honkai Impact 3rd v4.8 Update [The Phantom of the Theater] Launched

MiHoYo has launched the Honkai Impact 3rd v4.8 [Phantom of the Theater] update. It introduces the S-rank battlesuit – Starchasm Nyx, server-wide event – Stan Wars, and a new story chapter – The Legion Theater. In addition, players will be able to vote for their favorite characters in the Stan Wars.

Honkai Impact 3rd v4.8 The Phantom of the Theater

Starchasm Nyx is Seele’s new QUA battlesuit that allows her to deal massive Ice damage with a scythe and chain claws, sweep enemy groups in Burst mode, and pass on damage through Nightmare Thorns. will be implemented after the update

Stan Wars, a new challenge event – Threshold Breach, and Chapter XXIV – The Legion Theater will be released in succession after the update. By partaking in the new events, missions, and challenges, players can earn Valkyrie Fragvyom [S], stigma, outfit, and Crystals for free.

You can download Honkai Impact 3rd on Google Play store, Apple App Store, and on the official website for free.

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