Final Fantasy spinoff PS5 exclusive rumored to be in development by Square Enix and Team Ninja

As we’re nearing June, a month filled with announcements and release dates, the rumor mill is blowing up with all sorts of leaks and speculations. However, Fanbyte has seemingly corroborated the rumor circling around Reddit and Resetera around a Final Fantasy spinoff that many players would be excited about.

Team Ninja, creators of the Nioh series, is said to be working with Square Enix on an action RPG Final Fantasy spinoff based on the first Final Fantasy title. Fanbyte has said to have found out the title as Final Fantasy Origin.

Square Enix hopes to release an alpha demo in the summer and hopes that it would be more accessible to many players, and they expect it to play similarly to Nioh. A part of the rumor states that the upcoming game, if true, will be a PS5 exclusive with a PC release coming in later. Take this rumor with a grain of salt, as anything could change, and with E3 less than a month away, the announcement could maybe come during the event.

final fantasy spinoff team ninja

Personally, a Final Fantasy spinoff collaborated on with Team Ninja sounds like an amazing idea, as it seems like something fresh and new for the series. Our recent Nioh Collection review called it the “best way to play Nioh“, so if that’s any indication, partnered with a Final Fantasy backdrop, it could be something worth looking into.

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