The Quarry Will Feature A Jaw-Dropping 186 Unique Endings

Having multiple endings to a game is a lot to take note of, both for the developers and for the players. Branching narratives are always an interesting exercise when done right, which will lead players to numerous playthroughs. The Quarry, Supermassive Games’ latest, will feature a jaw-dropping 186 endings

Director Will Byles shares with IGN that the script for this game is over 1000 pages, where the actors needed to shoot about 50 pages a day due to the massive amount of work needed to be done. Byles further says that creating a narrative of this scope is a mathematical nightmare, saying “It’s just exponential. As soon as you branch, that’s two completely different routes. You branch again, and [it makes] two more and two more. By the time you’re 20 choices in, you’re in ridiculous amounts of data. We have to look at how we make a genuinely branching game without making it so ridiculously huge that it’s unplayable or even unmakeable.”

Of course, with all the twists and turns throughout the whole story, the ending is where it all comes together. The Quarry is said to feature 186 different endings to reflect all of the different choices the player has made and will show who lived, who died, the relationships formed, and much more.

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Byles also goes on to say that, true to a horror experience, you can actually kill everybody. “With a horror like this, my personal favorite way through it is that a fair few people die quite horribly. But you can also play it right through and you can have everyone live. It depends on what you want to play.”

The Quarry is scheduled for a June 10, 2022 release for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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