Humankind closed beta lets you play through 5 eras of history

Amplitude Studios’ upcoming historical turn-based strategy game, Humankind has officially reached closed beta.

In closed beta, which will run until June 21, you can now play through five eras of history. You’ll also have access through to the end of the Industrial era or 200 turns, whichever comes first. This is 5 out of the 6 total eras that are expected at launch.

Humankind railway
Use railways

It also features:

  • Try out 10 new industrial era cultures
  • Exploit coal and oil to push your economy
  • Build railways to cheaply and quickly move goods and troops
  • Fight the biggest battles and support your troops with long range artillery bombardment as well as take to the skies
Humankind bi-plane
Battle in the skies

To gain access to closed beta of Humankind, you can either pre-purchase the game on Steam or the Epic Games Store or get keys via Twitch drops.

Humankind artillery
Long range artillery

Some of the Twitch streamers dropping keys and have customized avatars include:

  • AmplitudeStudios
  • BurkeBlack
  • GamerZakh
  • Joueur de Grenier
  • Lewis
  • Lomadiah
  • Marbozir
  • Quill18
  • ZeratoR
  • Shurjoka

Humankind is scheduled to release on August 17 for the PC.

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