Ride on the literal hype train with this marketing promotion for The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2 is nearly upon us, with just around 10 days to go before everybody gets to experience the epic adventure that Naughty Dog has in store. Its been quite the ride for the title, from the spoiler leaks to even Neil Druckmann himself responding to the unfortunate incident.

Quite a ride is an understatement, as Sony has been all out with its marketing efforts for the game and with this latest stunt, you’ll literally be able to ride the proverbial hype train.

Pete Ellis, game designer at Naughty Dog, shared this over his Twitter account which shows The Last of Us 2 promotional material plastered all over the Metro Rail.

Sony Worldwide Studios big boss Hermen Hulst also loved the promotion, saying that the upcoming PlayStation exclusive “is going to be an incredible ride”:

The wait has been excruciating but we’ll soon get to experience the game as it was meant to be. In the mean time, stay away from spoilers and check out our spoiler free preview for The Last of Us 2.

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