Cyberpunk 2077 will feature 1,000 NPC’s with unique routines and multiple ways to finish quests

We all know that Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be quite the game. The customization options seem to be very… detailed, and we hope to get more news about the game when the Night City Wire livestream happens on June 25.

One facet of the game that is looking to be massive in scale are the NPC’s, with reportedly 1,000 NPC’s having their own daily routines.

German Website GameStar recently had a conversation with the talented developers at CDPR, namely Miles Tost and Philipp Weber, and had this to say about the NPC’s in the game (Reddit user Moraez has translated the excerpts and posted it on Reddit since it was in German):

“While there are some areas in the Witcher 3 where villagers don’t have a daily routine, they are planing to improve this with giving more than a thousand NPCs a handmade routine.”

It does not necessarily mean that each NPC will have a quest, but what you can expect out of it is that Night City will not feel lifeless, as with the problems in most open world games. Each of these ‘thousand’ NPC’s will go about their way in unique ways, so you can just imagine how many actual NPC’s there are in the game!

One more interesting tidbit in the interview was how much more variety there is in completing quests:

“You will have about 3 times that much ways to solve a mission than in the Witcher 3. They thought “What is the dumbest thing a player could do now and how is it possible that the mission continues. The only thing stopping it is the players death. They called an example where you talk to someone, get shot and instead of fighting back you run away and buy a hamburger but the mission has to continue.”

Not only will there be quite a number of quests in the game, there will also be multiple ways for you to finish them. This will be quite a feat of game design and solid writing, ensuring that quests in the game will feel interesting and fresh.

Clearly, CD Projekt Red have not spared any detail in developing Cyberpunk 2077. The scale and content of the game is looking massive, and if The Witcher 3 is anything to go by, then allot maybe a hundred or so hours come September 17.

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