Hearthstone’s new expansion, United in Stormwind, announced

Starting August 4, Hearthstone welcomes you to the heart of the Alliance as the newest expansion titled United in Stormwind arrives with 135 new cards and updates to Battlegrounds, cosmetics, and the largest minion pool shakeup since launch.

United in Stormwind Expansion Features:

  • Questlines. These three-part quests provide a peek into the ongoing stories of Hearthstone’s newest mercenary heroes. You’ll start a match with your Questline cards in hand and completing each step results in a small reward. Complete all three and the mercenary joins your side—as a powerful Legendary minion!
  • New Keyword: Tradeable. Time is money, friend! Achieve maximum value by adding Tradeable cards to your deck. You can play them for their normal effect, or you can drag them back in your deck for just 1 mana and draw another card that might be more useful in the moment.
  • Mount up. Cruise through Stormwind in style! Cast a Mount spell onto a minion to give it a powerful buff. Once the empowered rider is destroyed, it summons the trusty steed (with stats that line up with the original buff).
  • Ply Your Trade. Profession Tools are a new passive type of weapon that have special effects instead of attack values—like the Paladin’s Prismatic Jewel Kit, which boosts the power of minions in your hand whenever a friendly minion loses a Divine Shield.
  • Battlegrounds Bundle: Beach Party includes seven new portraits of heroes enjoying some fun in the sun, such as Grill King Bolvar and Chillin’ Vol’jin. The bundle also includes Tikilord Ragnaros, a fully-voiced alternate Bartender who serves up drinks with a scorching attitude.
  • Battlegrounds Heroes: Shadowlands bundle includes eight heroes reimagined as members of the Covenants featured in the afterlife-themed World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion, including Finley of the Kyrian and Ysera of the Night Fae.

Starting July 7-28, Hearthstone will also be bringing back Fire Festival, which includes new Legendary quests and fan-favorite Tavern Brawls along with new Book of Mercenaries and Book of Heroes chapters.

Catch the latest Hearthstone expansion, United in Stormwind, when it goes live on August 4.

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