Ubisoft set to reveal a new game in the Tom Clancy universe

Without much fanfare leading up to it, Ubisoft is set to announce a new game in the Tom Clancy universe at 11AM Pacific (July 20, 2AM Philippines) and as they said, “things are going to get wild.”

The short teaser video shows some wild and neon-colored artwork and scribbles, which at this point, is anyone’s guess as to what it could be.

The IGN and Gamespot Twitter accounts provided a short tease of the gameplay, which features around 25 seconds of FPS gameplay that looks similar to The Division and is probably going to be a free-to-play title.

We don’t have to wait too long to find out what it is, and if you’re interested in seeing the full reveal, you can check it out HERE.

This announcement follows the recent delay of both Rainbow Siege Extraction and Riders Republic, with Extraction being moved to January 2022 and Riders Republic moving a month to October.

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