Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Extraction and Riders Republic have been delayed

What Ubisoft game hasn't been delayed?
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Just last week, Ubisoft was going to have a pretty strong lineup of games headed into the second half of 2021. Over the weekend, the French gaming company now takes a huge hit as they’ve announced that both Riders Republic and Rainbow Six Extraction have been delayed.

R6 Extraction takes the bigger hit, as it has been moved to January 2022 while Riders Republic stumbles into October 28 from September 2, almost a full 2 months. There’s no specific reason as to why both titles have been delayed, but the decision to delay will give Ubisoft enough time to ensure a smooth and immersive experience.

If schedules hold, Ubisoft will now have 2 games releasing in October, with Far Cry 6, arguably one of their biggest releases of the year, booking an October 7 launch.


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