Back 4 Blood zombies sound like they’re saying a racial slur

Back 4 Blood, the latest from Turtle Rock Studios, recently held its early access for players over the weekend, hitting nearly 100k players on Steam. That’s quite the start for the game, and those numbers are only going to rise even more when it holds its open beta on August 12 – 16.

A lot of the players have been enjoying their Back 4 Blood early access experience, but a few have been hearing some unusual words from the Ridden while playing. In fact, if you listen closely, it actually sounds like a racial slur.

@HomBKE and @DotoDoya from Twitter posted some short clips, demonstrating the said word.

I don’t know what you heard, but it definitely does sound like the N-word, which in this case is unfortunate. Kotaku reached out to the developers, and they replied with a perfectly logical reason why this is happening:

Our team has been made aware of offensive language that can be heard when playing the game. This was not recorded or ever intended to be part of our gameplay. The audio is a result of two different Ridden growls that are playing simultaneously and when heard together sound like that word. We are working diligently to fix this issue, which should be completed either in time for the Beta, or when the game launches.

WB Games explains that the recording isn’t intentional, and was the result of 2 different audio clips that, when played simultaneously, would produce the slur. It’s quite unfortunate, and we can be sure that this issue will be fixed sooner rather than later.

If you didn’t get the chance to play Back 4 Blood during early access, be sure to check out its open beta on August 12 – 16!

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