Failed Power Rangers pitch could have resulted in an epic Gotham Knights-like game

Power Rangers is an IP that has seen quite a number of games, but sadly none of these were really big enough in scale and ambition to be considered as a AAA endeavor. A failed pitch that surfaced over the weekend could have possibly been the biggest game of the franchise.

Jason Bischoff, currently Global Licensing and Business Development at Funko but previously the Global Franchise Director for Power Rangers, shared a 2016 pitch that never came to fruition called “Project Nomad”.

In a Twitter thread, he said that his idea was “Basically, ‘Arkham’ Rangers… or Gotham Knights 5yrs before GK’s announcement”, and was supposed to be an open-world co-op game. Gotham Knights, as you know is the latest effort from WB Montreal which takes place in a city without Batman, leaving Batgirl and the rest of the team to take on the Court of Owls.

Bischoff continued to say that they had no resources that would be able to work on the idea but he was able to explore several avenues, contacting friends to build the pitch complete with concept art that looked very promising, showing some new designs for the Ranger suits.

Promising enough, in fact, that there were some favorable early talks with devs and publishers. Sad to say, the pitch never pushed through due to “time + big shifts in our business”, as explained by Bischoff.

He described it as one of the “what could have beens” in the industry, and it would have indeed been epic to imagine a Power Rangers project of this scale.

A project of this scale would have been a sight to behold, considering the IP is strong enough to be appreciated by the gaming public. With this story now out in the wild, maybe some developers and publishers would be interested in taking up the challenge?

Would you like to see an open-world co-op Power Rangers game?

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