Grand Theft Auto V has sold over 150 million copies

There’s very little left to say about Grand Theft Auto V that hasn’t already been said. Countless memes have been made about the game that has spanned 3 console generations and is once again seeing a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series release later in November. Apart from the memes though, countless copies have also been sold, surpassing the 150 million units mark according to Take Two.

The numbers don’t lie, and Grand Theft Auto V is also the fastest entertainment release to hit the $1 billion mark, making it the best-selling game of the decade in the United States. With continuous support for Grand Theft Auto Online, the franchise as a whole has already sold over 350 million units, with GTAV accounting for nearly half.

Red Dead Redemption II is not doing too bad for itself as well, selling over 38 million copies for its critically acclaimed entry in the series, making it the 2nd best-selling title in the United States in the past 3 years. As a whole, the franchise has sold over 60 million units.

These are staggering values, and it makes sense that Rockstar isn’t in such a hurry to bring out the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto VI, which is reportedly aiming for a 2024-2025 release window.

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