Square Enix interview reveals that Tidus from Final Fantasy X was originally a Plumber

Final Fantasy X turned 20 years old this year, and there have been so many memories with Tidus and the gang that has made it one of the more memorable games in the long-running franchise. For all of the secrets and easter eggs about the game throughout the years, did you know that Tidus, our Blitzball hero, was supposed to have been a plumber?

A recent interview with Famitsu, as posted by Siliconera, reveals just that, as key members of the team from Final Fantasy X spills the beans on some nice details during the development of the game.

tidus was originally a plumber

One of the details reveals the original concept of Tidus, as he was supposed to have been a plumber, ala Mario. Speaking in the interview, Kazushige Nojima mentions that Tidus being a plumber was a “reason to have characters get into and underwater”, which of course was changed into having him become a Blitzball athlete instead.

If you’ll notice, Tidus does wear overalls, which signifies the original plumber concept, but was later on just modified to make it look more athletic. This concept was done by none other than Tetsuya Nomura, who was the character designer for Final Fantasy X.

Later in the interview, it was also revealed that Auron’s character details like his age had changed a lot during the development of the game. Initially conceptualized as a silent character, he was given more spoken lines due to his role of being a guardian to both Tidus and Yuna.

A separate interview also revealed that while it is highly unlikely, the chance of Final Fantasy X-3 happening is ‘not zero’, which has given fans at least something to look forward to, no matter how slim the chance is.

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