The Ascent in first person mode is the Cyberpunk we all deserve

The Ascent was not a perfect game, but the game was fun to play and considering the small team from Neon Giant, the visual quality of the game was superb. So much so, in fact, that it looked more cyberpunk than the actual Cyberpunk game.

Well, a modder took the game further and Gaming with Griff Griffin created a mod that allows you to get a glimpse of what The Ascent would look like in first-person. Spoiler alert, it looks absolutely glorious.

You can check out 8 minutes of the fantastic video below.

The mod allows you to traverse around the Arcology including its most memorable areas: Cluster 13, CorpZone, and The Warrens. Playing through The Ascent already shows you its fantastic visuals from an isometric point of view, mowing through the streets and making it rain bullets. In this first-person mode, you can see the staggering amount of detail up close.

Neon Giant, a FPS update next time, please?

The Ascent is out exclusively on Xbox and PC.

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