Splitgate will be getting native PS5 and Xbox Series versions

The extremely popular FPS title Splitgate has hit the ground running, and fans of this title from 1047 games can look forward to current-gen native versions incoming as soon as things steady down.

As spotted by The Gamer, a recent Q&A livestream from the company saw a confirmation of the current-gen versions, as stated by CEO Ian Proulx, who says that “We’re going to do it. I’m not ready to share any specifics, but there’s some obvious things that pretty much every game is doing that we will explore doing. We intended to have the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions out already. It’s just been a matter of having 110% focus on servers as much as possible.”

The server problem Proulx was talking about was due to the massive influx of players, rendering in long queue times and massive stability problems. 1047 games have since gathered enough funds to upgrade the servers and have put out a patch that would address the said problems.

Splitgate is a free-to-play title, one that’s been touted as “Halo meets Portal”, and is now on open beta for the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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