Halo Infinite Multiplayer confirmed free to play, coming Holiday 2021

You Are All Spartans
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The much anticipated Halo Infinite surprisingly drops in the middle of the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase showing a strong cinematic and gameplay trailer to make up for last year. The announcement of a free-to-play multiplayer should get everyone excited to fill in the shoes of legendary Spartan Master Chief himself. The cinematic presents a conversation with the fate of Cortana, besides being Windows 11’s trusty assistant/waifu.

You can enjoy the multiplayer at 4K/120FPS this upcoming holiday season for its first season. While we mourn the absence of Craig, it is exciting to receive news of this much anticipated first person shooter. Besides the capture the flag action building up excitement for the upcoming skirmishes ahead, it is promised that Halo Infinite Multiplayer will launch together with the single player epic experience on the Holiday after it was delayed last year.

Suit up, Master Chief is back soon.


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