Horizon Forbidden West Standard and Special Editions won’t have a free PS4 to PS5 upgrade

Today was supposed to have been a great celebration of news for Horizon Forbidden West as pre-orders have gone live, including the reveal of the Collector’s and Regalla edition of the game that is sure to make fans of the franchise drool.

While this is indeed the case, a few things on the fine print of the pre-order pages have dampened the excitement quite a bit.

Can I upgrade my Horizon Forbidden West PS4 version to PS5?

Tucked away in the support page for Horizon Forbidden West is a short FAQ about the upcoming game and how upgrades will work. Long story short, if you have the standard or the special edition of the game on the PS4, there won’t be a free upgrade to the PS5 version as with most other games. There isn’t even an option to pay $10 or $20 for the upgrade because it just doesn’t exist at the moment.

Dual-entitlement (having both the PS4 and PS5 versions) only exists for the Digital Deluxe, Colletor’s, and Regalla Editions of the game. If you want to have both versions of the game, you’ll basically need to cough up at least $80.

You can see the excerpt from the support page below:

Can I upgrade my PS4 version to the PS5 version?

If you want to have access to both the PS4 and PS5 versions of Horizon Forbidden West, please purchase the Digital Deluxe, Collector’s, or Regalla Editions. Dual entitlement does not apply to the Standard and Special Editions.

Can I upgrade my Standard Edition to the Digital Deluxe edition of Horizon Forbidden West?

There are no plans for an update offer from standard to digital deluxe edition at this time.

I have bought the Digital Deluxe, Collector’s, or Regalla Edition; can I play this on both PS4 consoles and PS5 consoles?

Yes, as an owner of the Digital Deluxe, Collector’s, or Regalla Edition, you will receive a digital entitlement for both PS4 and PS5 versions. Your saved data will be transferable from your PS4 console to your PS5 console.

If you don’t have a PS5 yet, which is still incredibly hard to come by nearly 1 year after release, and you want to play the game right away, then the PS4 version will be your only choice. It is still compatible with the PS5, just without the next-gen upgrades (whatever they are).

There is a glimmer of hope because it says that There are no plans for an update offer from standard to digital deluxe edition at this timemeaning that it could happen in the future.

Or, well, you can just buy the PS5 version again.

Does the Collector’s and Regalla Edition have a physical copy of the game?

horizon forbidden west regalla edition

Another bit of news that dampens the whole mood is that both the Collector’s and the Regalla Edition of the game, which features a bevy of physical items including a custom-sculpted Tremortusk statue, will not contain a physical disc of the game, but instead include a download code for both the PS4 and PS5 version. This is quite the head-scratcher, in particular, seeing as these expensive editions are aimed at collectors (like myself) who cherish physical copies of these games.

One could argue that of course, PS5 upgrades require development time and resources, which would justify the $10 cost most of the time, and it could be potentially stellar for Horizon Forbidden West. Some or most won’t even mind the extra cost, but the point of contention is that there isn’t even an option, which forces you to go straight for the digital deluxe edition.

How do you feel about this? Do you think Sony should offer the Horizon Forbidden West next-gen upgrade for free or at least have a separate option to upgrade?

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