WipEout Rush sees the series return as a mobile game in 2022

Fans who have been looking forward to a new entry into the iconic racing series can check out WipEout Rush, a brand new mobile game that will be released for iOS and Android devices in early 2022, as announced by IGN.

WipEout Rush will include a single-player campaign that features 12 championship cup races, allowing players to take control of 60 ships from the original games. There is a clear comic book influence here based on the trailer, and will also feature an original soundtrack from veteran Sony musician Alastair Lyndsay.


CEO of publisher Rogue Games Matt Casamassina shares that the team is “delighted that we could rethink wipEout for mobile with some fun new play mechanics and gorgeous visuals.”

Casamassina continues by saying that “We hope fans will come to it with an open mind because—although different—we’re proud to bring the wipEout franchise back into focus with a fresh take on the formula.”

WipEout Rush is scheduled for an early 2022 release for mobile devices and could be different from previous rumors of a new WipEout game being developed for the PS5.

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