New Wipeout and Twisted Metal titles rumored to be in development

Could there be any truth to this?
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A couple of rumors sprouted over the weekend and if there’s any truth to these, then PlayStation gamers should get very excited as both Wipeout and Twisted Metal may be seeing a comeback.

The WipeOut rumor comes from @Shpeshal_Nick, host of the Xbox Era Podcast, saying that Wipeout “is coming back” and planned for a PS5 and the next-gen PSVR, but still early in the project.

Normally, you would be wise to dismiss rumors coming from anybody, but Nick has quite a good track record for leaks like these and was also the one who revealed the news about Ghost of Ikishima, which turned out to be the Iki Island DLC included in the Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut release.

On the other hand, and one that is certainly the bigger rumor of the two is that Twisted Metal may see a comeback in 2023. The source of the rumor is Tom Henderson, who posts a rather direct-to-the-point tweet simply with a “2023” caption and the image of Sweet Tooth.

Again, rumors always have to be taken with a grain of salt, but Henderson has been quite known to make quite accurate claims on Battlefield 2042. Recently, he also said that a Call of Duty reveal would happen on August 19.

Back in February, it was reported that Twisted Metal was making a return but in the form of a live-action series from the writers of Deadpool and Zombieland. A new game might indeed make sense to take advantage of a good 1-2 punch.

Someone who doesn’t believe it, or at least wasn’t informed of it, is David Jaffe. For those who don’t know, Jaffe was the designer and director for Twisted Metal and God of War back in the day and says that “If it’s true, I would be very, very hurt that Playstation didn’t ask for my input at best, or- at worst- at least let me know it was happening.”

Jaffe also released a quick reaction video on the rumor, which you can view HERE.

As with all rumors, until these are officially announced by the devs and/or publishers, in this case, Sony, then we should all take these as just rumors. It wouldn’t hurt to get excited for them, as these are both outstanding franchises that deserve a comeback, but let’s temper our expectations despite the track record of the leakers.

Would you want a new Wipeout and Twisted Metal game to be made for the PS5?


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