Total War: Warhammer III ‘Thrones of Decay’ DLC Announced, Set for Spring 2024 Release

SEGA and Creative Assembly have announced Thrones of Decay, the latest DLC pack for Total War: Warhammer III, scheduled to launch in Spring 2024.

Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming additions included in the Thrones of Decay DLC pack for Total War: WARHAMMER III.

Total War: Warhammer III ‘Thrones of Decay’ DLC Details

Total War: Warhammer III Thrones of Decay – Elspeth Von Draken, The Dragon Riding Magisterix (Empire)

total war warhammer III thrones of decay elspeth

The Dark Lady of Nuln, Elspeth Von Draken is one of the most powerful Amethyst Wizards of the age. It is
said that she is so suffused with magical power that she stands on the periphery of life and death.

Campaign Features:

  • Imperial Gunnery School: As the armoury of the Empire, Wissenland & Nuln offer special unit upgrades and powerful abilities in return for Schematics earned from the damage such units inflict on the battlefield.
  • Gardens of Morr: A vigilant protector of the Empire, Elspeth establishes these sacred sites in limited number across visible friendly or neutral Empire settlements, providing instant travel to those locations at a cost and with a cooldown.

Battle Playstyle:

Riding her powerful Carmine Dragon, Elspeth is deadly in every sense of the word. She manipulates the battlefield from range with her innate magical abilities from the Lore of Death before charging into the enemy ranks with her dragon and two-handed Pale scythe.

New Units:

The Empire ranks are being bolstered by an assortment of arms such as the Marienburg Landship, Steam Tank Volley Gun, Nuln Ironsides, Hochland Long Rifles, Knights of the Black Rose, Master Engineer (Lord), Engineer (Hero) and the indomitable Theodore Bruckner (Legendary Hero).

Total War: Warhammer III Thrones of Decay – Tamurkhan, The Maggot Lord (Nurgle)

total war warhammer III thrones of devay tamurkhan

A sentient maggot within the rot-bloated corpse of a powerful Ogre Tyrant, Tamurkhan is one of the greatest ever champions of Nurgle. He has but one aim; to spread death and disease in the name of the lord of pestilence.

Campaign Features:

Tamurkhan’s Chieftains: Tamurkhan must amass an unstoppable warhost that will bring ruin to the
world. As such, he embarks on a deadly journey to dominate and recruit powerful warlords from
across the Chaos and Norscan tribes to increase the power of his faction.

Battle Playstyle:
Besieging the battlefield atop his mighty Toad Dragon, and wielding a mighty two-headed axe, Tamurkhan is a tank of a warrior who is deadly in combat. His Feast of the Maggot Lord ability triggers upon death, dealing life-sapping damage upon the enemy to keep him in the thick of battle a little longer.

New Units:

The bloated ranks of Nurgle ooze strength with the addition of units such as Kayzk the Befouled (Legendary Hero), the Chaos Lord of Nurgle (Lord), the Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle (Hero), Plague Ogres, Rot Knights, Toad Dragons, Pestigors, and Bile Trolls.

Total War: Warhammer III Thrones of Decay – Malakai Makaisson, The Slayer Engineer (Dwarfs)

total war warhammer III thrones of decay thunderbarge

A defiant mixture of brain and brawn, Malakai Makaisson was once a member of the legendary Engineers
Guild before disaster saw him ejected. Eternally shamed, he took up the Slayer’s Oath with the sole aim of
seeking redemption through a dignified and bloody death.

Campaign Features:

  • Spirit of Grungi: Malakai’s armies march beneath the airborne machine known as the Spirit of Grungi, a legendary airship that the Slayer Engineer can upgrade on the move to increase his battle prowess and even call upon in battle.
  • Malakai’s Adventures: As he seeks the glorious doom that all Slayers desire, Malakai Makaisson uses his deadly exploits to test and improve his latest engineering innovations in the most perilous battle he can instigate.

Battle Playstyle:

Malakai primarily serves the Dwarfs as a ranged support Lord, tossing explosives toward the enemy with the Cinderblast Cluster Bomb, blasting them to bits with his shotgun, and, if anyone gets too close for comfort, smacking them in the face with a massive spanner.

New Units:

Engineering excellence meets bearded bravery, the dwarf ranks are bolstered by Garagrim Ironfist (Legendary Hero), Daemonslayer (Lord), Dragonslayer (Hero), Doomseekers, Goblin Hewer, Thunderbarge, Grudge Raker Thunderers, and Slayer Pirates.

Thrones of Decay, the latest DLC pack for Total War: Warhammer III, is scheduled to launch in Spring 2024.

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