Diablo Immortal evens the playing field with the World Paragon system

Diablo Immortal is the upcoming mobile release of the hugely popular franchise, packed with social features along with trademark Diablo gameplay that offers a familiar yet refreshing experience. Hardcore players will find much to love in the game, especially with conquering the many challenges that the game has, all while rising to glory versus other players.

Casual players may find everything a bit too overwhelming and might be demotivated to play the game seeing as they may be left too far behind. Diablo Immortal is implementing the World Paragon system to ensure that casual players can look forward to catching up even with limited time.

Speaking to regional media outfits, Game Director Wyatt Cheng explains the World Paragon system, saying that the server will be operating under a level that increments by 2 every day. As long as players are under that level, they will enjoy a 200% bonus to experience, gold, upgrade materials drops, and salvage material returns.

Players that hit the World Paragon level will return to normal rates and players that go way above the level will have a certain limit that will be imposed on their characters. This system is meant to even out the playing field and motivate casual players to catch up and hopefully enjoy the breadth of end-game content.

Diablo Immortal will have its closed beta test starting October 28 for android devices only and is scheduled to launch in 2022.

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