OP Games boosts efforts to enable game devs to monetize their work with $8.6m funding

Pay to earn games like Axie Infinity have been the latest craze these days, allowing games to earn actual money while enjoying the game. To push the P2E effort further, gaming platform OP Games has raised $8.6m in funding to enable game developers to monetize their work using Web 3.0.

OP Games has started OP Arcade, a hub where players can play HTML5 games and compete in tournaments that will allow players to play games all while interacting with the developers to help shape the future of the game. The platform is built on Etherium and the NEAR protocol, and will be focused on community-owned games involving NFTs and DAOs.

op games

CEO and co-founder Chase Freo shares that “We welcome this hearty endorsement of the work we have done to power up the gaming landscape using Web 3.0’s superpowers: open-source and community ownership.” Freo continues, saying “The $150 billion gaming industry is evolving at an astonishing rate. By giving developers the tools and guidance they need, and by giving players the chance to co-create their favorite projects, we are opening up new revenue channels for the sector’s talented creators.”

By the end of 2022, OP Games aims to host and help create up to 500 games that aim to foster a crypto-progressive community that involves creators, players, and investors. Investing in talent and the community is always a good thing, don’t you think?

For a full list of investors, check out OP Games on Medium.

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