Genshin Impact Getting 2 New Polearm Users In Shenhe And Yun Jin

miHoYo has shared information about 2 new upcoming characters that will be joining the Genshin Impact roster, both Polearm reinforcements in the form of Shenhe and Yun Jin.

This may seem like exciting news to Genshin Impact players but there’s still quite a lot we don’t know about these 2 apart from their character profiles for now, so we’re hoping miHoYo sheds light on both of them in the coming weeks.

Genshin Impact – Shenhe

Shenhe is a Cryo Polearm user with the following character overview:

Shenhe comes from a branch family of a clan of exorcists. Due to certain reasons, Cloud Retainer took her in as a disciple.

To Shenhe, Cloud Retainer is a knowledgeable and chatty master.

To Cloud Retainer, Shenhe stands out as special from amongst the mortals she has instructed.

Living with adepti as a human is by no means an easy task, but Shenhe has a unique constitution, an immensely strong will, and a great talent for adepti arts, all of which have won her the acknowledgment of the adepti. However, the long years of cultivation, coupled with the habit of eating divine herbs and drinking the dew of the mountains, have made her more and more distant from earthly life, and she has even been regarded as a mysterious white-haired adeptus.

The occasional sharpness in her personality and the red ropes adorning her body add to her “mystery”. If her past were to be written as a story, there would be multiple versions for sure.

Be it an immortal or a white-haired witch, how will people view this mysterious lady? Her secrets and feelings are as difficult to capture as the drifting clouds in the mountains.

Genshin Impact – Yun Jin

Yun Jin is a Geo Polearm user with the following character overview:

She is the director of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe and is also a famous figure in Liyue Harbor’s opera scene.

Yun Jin is known for her sweet singing voice and intricate costumes, as well as her animated and dynamic performances. Whether it’s a delicate and dignified young lady or a mighty and honorable heroine, she can play any role.

What’s even rarer is that this young actress is also a playwright. Other than “The Divine Damsel of Devastation”, the Yun-Han Opera Troupe has performed many other new plays in recent years, all of which were written by Yun Jin.

However, what is surprising is that Yun Jin, who has always displayed a dignified and elegant image, has a little hobby that is not known to the public — she likes listening to rock ‘n’ roll.

If you see Yun Jin at a rock ‘n’ roll performance in Liyue Harbor, please refrain from telling the whole world about it.

Otherwise, she might get nagged by the elders again.

Currently, it is still unclear as to how and when players will get to see them. One thing we do know, however, is that the Genshin Impact 2.3 update will be going live on November 24 and will be receiving 2 new characters in Arataki Itto and Gorou.

Genshin Impact is now available for the PS4, PS5, PC, and Mobile Devices.

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