The Bauhutte Hand Massager Is Something You Never Knew You Wanted Until Now

Gaming is serious business. As evidenced by pro players, it can be a valid profession these days, with tons of money spent on top class equipment. Gaming products need not stop with Gaming mice and keyboards, and this latest splurge will keep your precious hands in tip top shape for the next battle.

Meet the Bauhutte Hand Massager, which is described as a device that “massages and loosens” your tired gamer hands after a long session. It is equipped with a 15-layer airbag and a shiatsu plate that promises to relax and soothe your hands and fingers before and after playing. You can also choose between 3 intensity settings, a 10-minute stop timer, and is also equipped with a heater to promote blood circulation and to help you warm up, literally.

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Bauhutte Hand Massager Price

It’s something that weirdly makes sense, and you can thank the Japanese (as always) for coming up with things we didn’t know we needed until now. The Bauhutte Hand Massager retails for around ¥16,000 (purchase on Amazon Japan) or roughly PHP8,000 exclusive of shipping. Quite expensive and something that’s definitely a luxury, but also awesome for those that can afford it whether you game on PC or consoles.

For the uninitiated, Bauhutte is a Japanese brand that specialized in gaming products and have released such items as a gaming mattress that literally allows you to eat, sleep, and play without needing to go places.

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