Fan-Made Custom Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Plates Are Worthy Of A Nora Champion

To celebrate the release of Horizon Forbidden West for the PS4 and PS5, fans are celebrating as they jump in once again to guide Aloy through her adventure to save the world. While most are sharing their gameplay videos and fantastic screenshots, some are creating custom PS5 cover plates that are a work of art worthy of Aloy herself.

Horizon Forbidden West Fan-Made Custom PS5 Plates

Debora Sampaio and her husband of has uploaded images of their latest project – Horizon Forbidden West PS5 plates – that look absolutely fantastic. Featuring what looks to be some sort of carbon fiber design in the middle along with patches on the plates themselves, we also get the logo and title of the game emblazoned on one side. The Guerrilla Games logo is featured prominently in the middle, and it comes with a machine-themed PS5 stand which kind of looks like a Tremortusk foot.

Check out some of the shared images below:

As of writing, the post can be seen in a PlayStation 5 group on Facebook, and the creators have not yet updated their Instagram Page to show their latest work of art. The couple from Brazil have made some fantastic work in the past, including a stunning God of War piece that would make Kratos proud.

No word on whether these would go on sale similar to how their previous works are limited so you’ll just have to check and inquire if you’re interested in these custom plates!

What do you think of these custom PS5 plates?

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