Official Nintendo Website For The Philippines Launched

Following the announcement of an official Singapore website late last year, Nintendo Southeast Asia has announced that the Philippines now has an official Nintendo Website.

The announcement can be seen over at the Nintendo (Southeast Asia) Facebook page alongside the Malaysian website post. With a simple “Hello”, players in the Philippines now have an official Nintendo Website which you can check out HERE.

Nintendo Website = Philippines eShop incoming?

What does this Nintendo Website mean for Filipino players? Probably nothing much at the moment. If you take a look at the Repairs/Contact section of the website, there is still no authorized service center unlike the Singapore and Malaysian sites, letting players know to still contact the store from which their units have been purchased.

As for the possibility of a local eShop, this is not something we’ll expect anytime soon, or ever, but it’s nice to see some semblance of official Nintendo support in the Philippines. Can things change? Certainly! The local market has been very supportive of Nintendo products throughout the years and it would be very nice to have a local account region that will factor in regional pricing sooner or later.

For the most part, expect this website to just promote local news and release dates for upcoming products.

You can visit the Nintendo Official Philippines website HERE.

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