GTA V Introductory Offer Price For PS5 And Xbox Series Is Cheaper Than Expected


Pre-load is now live and Rockstar has now confirmed the upcoming pricing for the GTA V and GTA Online offerings, basically confirming the discounted pricing for both platforms.

You can check out the pricing below:

PlayStation 5

  • Story Mode – $9.99 (around PHP500) for the first 3 months, $39.99 (around PHP2,000 including GTA Online) after
  • GTA Online – Free for the first 3 months, $19.99 (around PHP1,000) after

Xbox Series

  • Story Mode – $19.99 (around PHP1,000) for the first 3 months, $39.99 (around PHP2,000 including GTA Online) after
  • GTA Online -$9.99 (around PHP500) for the first 3 months, $19.99 (around PHP1,000) after


GTA V is scheduled to release on March 15 and just ahead of its launch for both the PS5 and Xbox Series, it seems that the introductory price for the game is cheaper than a lot of players might be expecting.

Twitter users Ben T and Ditto2046 have pointed out that since pre-orders are already rolling out in various regions across the world, pricing has already popped up and it seems that the game will feature an introductory price of AUD$14.99 (around PHP600) until June 14. Take note that this is only for the single-player campaign of the game, and will shoot back up to AUD$59.95 (around PHP2,000) for both the story mode and GTA Online once the offer expires.

In the UK, Push Square has noted that the pricing is even cheaper as it will only cost £8.75 until June 14, meaning players can take advantage of the introductory offer for three full months after the game launches next week.

In the US and Asia, the rough pricing estimates point to around the single-player campaign being $10 or around PHP500, making it a very tempting offer to take advantage of before pricing goes back to normal.

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Are you interested in getting GTA V for this special introductory price?

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