Warcraft Mobile Game To Be Revealed In May

Blizzard has some very interesting plans for this year, starting with some big reveals in the coming months that will cover games like Hearthstone and WoW.

Warcraft Spring 2022 Roadmap

On March 15, the company will be announcing the first of three Hearthstone expansions coming this year and on April 19, the reveal for the next WoW expansion will also be announced. With the recent expansion, Shadowlands, coming to a close, players can expect a whole new adventure in Azeroth.

More importantly, Blizzard has formally confirmed that a Warcraft mobile game is indeed coming and we’ll get to finally see it for the first time in May. Prior to this official announcement, the existence of the said mobile game was only mentioned through Blizzard’s quarterly earnings report.

Until then, details will remain scarce and we’re very interested to see how it will turn out and what direction the team at Blizzard is taking for it.

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