Unicorn Overlord Gameplay and Character Details Revealed

SEGA has released new details on Unicorn Overlord, the latest offering from Atlus and Vanillaware that’s scheduled to release on March 8, 2024, for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, and Switch.

The latest information for Unicorn Overlord includes character and gameplay details, along with other features that players can look forward to.

Here’s an overview of Unicorn Overlord:

Unicorn Overlord – Story and World

The story takes place in the land of Fevrith, which is home to five nations: the Kingdom of Cornia, Drakenhold, Elheim, Bastorias, and the Holy Kingdom of Albion. The realm is inhabited by a host of different races, including humans, bestrals, elves, and angels. –

A rebellion by General Valmore in the Kingdom of Cornia quickly sweeps across the land, engulfing the realm in war. The protagonist, Alain, is a surviving Cornian prince at the helm of the Liberation Army. Seize the legendary Ring of the Unicorn, raise your banners, and liberate your lands.

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Unicorn Overlord – Main Characters

Alain (voiced by Kazuki Ura)
Crown prince of the fallen Kingdom of Cornia and son of Queen Ilenia. Lost his mother in General Valmore’s rebellion at a young age and took refuge on the isle of Palevia alongside Josef. He’s grown much since then, now learned in sword and strategy at the age of seventeen.

Scarlett (voiced by Hina Suguta)
A priestess of the Palevian Orthodoxy serving at the Grand Palevia Cathedral, and a childhood friend to Alain. Trained from a young age, she became an ordained priestess shortly after. She leaves the isle to accompany Alain on his journey.

Lex (voiced by Miyu Irino)
A young man from a family of fishers, born and raised on Palevia. A longtime friend to Alain, he learns swordsmanship from Josef alongside him. Lex leaves the isle with Alain to accompany him on his journey.

Josef (voiced by Kazuhiro Yamaji)
A Holy Knight of the fallen Kingdom of Cornia. Entrusted with Alain by Ilenia during General Valmore’s rebellion ten years ago, he took refuge on the isle of Palevia. Since then, he’s been steadily making preparations for the Liberation Army.

Protagonist’s mother
Ilenia (voiced by Yuko Kaida)
Queen of the Kingdom of Cornia. Well-versed in both military and civil affairs, she long governed the vast land of Cornia without incident. Upon realizing she would be unable to contain the rebellion, she
entrusted Josef with her son Alain.

Galerius (Voiced by Tessho Genda)
Emperor of Zenoira. Once a famed Cornian general who went by the name of Valmore, Galerius began a rebellion without warning. He laid Cornia to ruin and restored the Zenoira Empire.

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Unicorn Overlord Features

  • Travel across the vast reaches of Fevrith and wrest the realm from the clutches of Zenoira. Liberate towns and use the materials you’ve gathered to help them rebuild and flourish. Train your companions and amass the strength to triumph over your enemies.
  • There are over 60 characters ready to join your cause in Unicorn Overlord—from humans, elves, bestrals, and angels, as well as 60 classes to choose between.
  • Organize your companions into units and lead them into battle. As leader of the Liberation Army, you have free rein over who you choose to deploy and what strategies you decide to employ!
  • Freedom at its fullest! Journey across a vast world! The story will unfold as you explore the map, battling enemies and meeting companions along the way. There is no set route to follow, so every player is free to pave their own destiny, choosing where to go next and which stages to clear.
  • When you liberate towns and forts by defeating the Imperial Army in battle, the area will become more stable, and you’ll unlock shops and other facilities. Enemies will also stop patrolling, making exploration easier.
  • Take command, protect your base, and conquer your enemy! Each stage will consist of a real-time battle between your forces and the enemy. To clear each stage, assess the battlefield and lead your units to fulfill win conditions such as defeating the enemy general.
  • When you encounter enemy forces, it’s time for battle! Battles progress automatically based on the tactics you set for your characters. Organize your units, equipment, and tactics based on your companions’ classes and skills!
  • There are three difficulty modes to choose from in Unicorn Overlord: Sweet, Normal, and Hard.
    Sweet – Allows for a smooth journey through the story. Recommended for those who want to remove
    the difficulty cap and play casually.
    Normal – An arduous adventure that requires plenty of strategizing. Recommended for those who have experience with tactical RPGs.
    Hard – A grueling campaign that will test the very limits of your mind. Recommended for skilled
    players who have mastered the genre.
  • Enter the Coliseum to face off against units that have been uploaded by other players. Assemble the
    ultimate unit and devise unique strategies to top the leaderboards!
Unicorn Overlord World

Unicorn Overlord, the latest offering from Atlus and Vanillaware, is scheduled to release on March 8, 2024, for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, and Switch.

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