One Punch Man: World First Closed Beta Test Scheduled For October 18

Perfect World Games has announced that One Punch Man: World, the highly anticipated cross-platform AAA-level action game, will be having its closed beta test on October 18.

Entitled “Serious Test,” the first CBT will require players to complete the recruitment questionnaire on the official website for an opportunity to qualify in the CBT, which will be available in both PC and mobile, and will only support English and Thai languages for now.

Here’s an overview of One Punch Man: World:

In “One Punch Man: World”, players can freely choose their favorite Heroes such as Genos and Mumen Rider. They can undertake commissions assigned by the Hero Association to combat monsters and defend the city. Alternatively, players can also peacefully navigate through the city, assisting citizens in resolving their challenges while remaining devoted to their responsibilities as Heroes. By participating in the testing phase, players will have the opportunity to rediscover the captivating essence of the One Punch Man anime, together enjoying a high-quality game that seamlessly combines world exploration and hardcore action!

Explore the World of Heroes
The game recreates the world of the original animation, allowing players to gradually unlock well-known locations like City A and City Z as they progress through the main storyline. In this vast world, players can chance upon the Heroes and NPCs and engage with them in meaningful ways. For instance, players can indulge in arcade games at the Arcade Center or join forces with Saitama during a discount frenzy at the supermarket. Additionally, different weather conditions also present unique encounters with various Heroes.

Feel the Exquisite Character Design
The game has recreated the abilities of the Heroes, based on their moves in the anime, in a one-to-one fashion. Various Heroes and Monsters from the anime are depicted in their distinctive forms, with their appearances meticulously replicated. For example, Carnage Kabuto possesses two forms, each equipped with its own set of skills and mechanics, with an even greater surge of power in his rampage state. The three different forms of Genos in the anime have been also transformed into three separate characters for players to use.

Experience the Thrilling Battles
“One Punch Man: World” is a hardcore 3D action game that is different from the other One Punch Man series games. It reproduces the battle scenes in the anime, which delivers an authentic combat experience to players. The key to overwhelming the enemy lies in the strategic combination of skills and coordinated attacks to accumulate enough power to unleash the ultimate skills, allowing players to experience the exhilarating combat through gameplay and feel the hot-blooded excitement brought by the anime. Players can also immerse themselves further through the inclusion of Quick Time Events.

Fight against Enemies with Friends
The game offers a cooperative mode. It allows players to invite friends and form a team of Heroes to undertake missions assigned by the Hero Association. By leveraging the complementary skills of different Heroes and engaging in team battles, players can collectively combat enemies. Players can also embark on quests individually or join forces with AI teammates with their preferences. Whichever mode is chosen, it guarantees an immersive experience in the gaming world.

Come across an Exceptional Cast of Voice Actors
The voice actors from the original anime, including Furukawa Makoto, Ishikawa Kaito, Yuki Aoi, and Kaji Yuki, etc., have come together once again in “One Punch Man: World” to convey the emotions of popular characters in a familiar way. With the company of these voice actors, the game brings the original anime storyline to life.

one punch man world cbt key art

One Punch Man: World, the highly anticipated cross-platform AAA-level action game, will be having its closed beta test on October 18.

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