Rumored PS Plus Lineup For March 2022 Has Seemingly Been Leaked

This is becoming quite the habit, yeah?

After continuous months of leaking the PS Plus Free Games lineup, and accurately at that, usual suspect bilibili-kun on Dealabs has spilled the beans yet again but this time, instead of directly posting a photo of the lineup like before, they indirectly teased the lineup through a post on the site. They surprisingly skipped out on leaking the February 2022 lineup but are now back to their old ways.

PS Plus March 2022 Leaked Lineup

ps plus leaked lineup march 2022

The aforementioned post is in French, but even without translating the message, you can clearly see 2 titles there, namely Ark: Survival Evolved and Team Sonic Racing.

GTA Online may probably also be part of the list as a bonus PS5 game coming on March 15 for the first 3 months, based on the Rockstar announcement from earlier this month.

It goes without saying that since this is a leak, nothing is set in stone and it may all change when it is officially announced. That said, bilibili-kun and Dealabs have been spot on with their leaks, so there’s a big possibility that this could be the final PS Plus lineup for March 2022, at least until it is officially announced.

What are your thoughts about this lineup of PS Plus free games?

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