Elden Ring Speedrunner Beats Game In 2.5 Hours With No Deaths

We all knew this was coming, didn’t we?

Elden Ring has taken the gaming scene by storm, becoming one of the most-played games on Steam just a few weeks after release. The community is bustling with all of the gameplay being shared, helping newbies and veterans alike.

Of course, no FromSoftware game is complete without speedrunners, who try to beat the game with absurd conditions and insane skill. It may still be early in the life cycle of the game, but a Youtuber by the name of Niko Bellic has recently accomplished the great feat of beating the game with no deaths, all in just 2 hours and 35 minutes.

You can view the full run below:

Some players have spent the same amount of time on the character creation screen alone or even dying to Margit, but beating the game is just a whole other discussion in itself. Of course, some bosses will be skipped here and there, but killing them without a fully decked out character is still a sight to behold.

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Are you planning to try an Elden Ring speedrun of your own?

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