PlayStation Plus Premium Will Reportedly Offer Time-Limited Demos From Some Devs

The new PlayStation Plus is happening soon and subscribers will be able to finally experience the revamped system that allows for some new benefits, one of which is the “time-limited game trials” included in the highest tier of the service.

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According to a report from Game Developer (via Gematsu), Sony has been talking to developers about this and is making it a “requirement” for some developers to create timed demos of at least two hours long for games that cost $34 or higher. Games that don’t meet these requirements (cheaper titles) are not required to do so.

These demos will be lumped into the PlayStation Plus Premium tier and will allow players to test out the games first as long as they are a subscriber. The demos are reportedly not retroactive, meaning older games or VR titles will not be affected by this policy.

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Of course, this will certainly entail added resources for the devs as they will be needing time and manpower to work on the demos, something that would add unnecessary load to their already busy schedules. “Custom” game demos may also be allowed but will be approved on a case-to-case basis.

The report points out that there is flexibility though, and that the devs can take up to three months after launch to launch the demo and these will only be available to subscribers for at least 12 months.

What do you think of this possible benefit for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers?

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