PlayStation Plus Subscribers Can ‘Easily’ Upgrade To Higher Tiers, Sony Confirms

Sony has confirmed that current PlayStation Plus subscribers can simply pay the difference in price to allow upgrading to a higher tier when the new system kicks in.

As part of an official email from Sony informing users about the upcoming change to PlayStation Plus, which is targeting a May 23 launch date in Asia (except Japan), some details were repeated for clarity such as the automatic migration of your current subscription to its equivalent for the new tiers. In our case, since we have a Region 3 account (Southeast Asia) with only PS Plus being available to us, the immediate equivalent to the new tiers will be Essential, the most basic tier.

Once migrated, your current subscription period, whether stacked for a number of years or not, will simply run its course under the new tiers. Fees will not increase and payment dates will not change unless the subscribers themselves make the changes. Standard stuff, no actions required.

You can view a snippet of the email below sent by Sony:

playstation plus tier upgrade

One new tidbit of information here reads as follows:

You can easily upgrade to a higher benefits plan at any time. To do so, you’ll need to pay the difference between your current plan and your new plan, adjusted for the remaining time of your subscription.

It would be safe to say that many subscribers assumed this to be the case from the start, but it’s nice to get actual confirmation now. Current subscribers will be able to upgrade to a higher tier at any time during their subscription period simply by paying the difference between the current and new plans. If you’re coming from Essential and you want to try out the PS1 and PS2 games from the Premium (or Deluxe) tier, you can do so at any time.

One thing that’s still quite unclear is the part where it says “adjusted for the remaining time of your subscription,” which could be open to some misinterpretation. Based on our understanding and how it is worded, if you are stacked until 2025 for example, then upgrading to a higher tier will require you to pay the full 3 years right away, assuming a 2022 start date until 2025. Some calculations might be made on a monthly basis, but you get the point.

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all new playstation plus

There are still a few things that we’ll need to look out for, with the biggest one being the list of games that will be included in the higher tiers of the new PlayStation Plus service. This list will surely be a deal-breaker for some that are considering a tier upgrade, so we should expect more information on this in the coming weeks leading up to the launch.

The new PlayStation Plus is targeting a May 23, 2022 release date for users in Asia, Japan on June 1, and the Americas along with Europe on a June 13 and June 22 schedule respectively.

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