The Battle Cats Unite! announced for the Nintendo Switch

Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia has announced that The Battle Cats Unite! will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on December 9, 2021 in Southeast Asia.

The Battle Cats Unite! is a new action simulation strategy game where up to two players can play together or against each other using over 350 cat characters to take to battle and destroy the enemy base.

If the announcement trailer is any indication, it’s looking to be like another fun cat game!

The Battle Cats Unite! has the following features:

Co-op Mode – Work together with “Boosted Cannon” in two-player mode! Players can share five characters in a battle. “Boosted Cannon” is a unique element in the two-player mode. Turn a losing battle into victory as your cannon’s power doubles when both players fire in perfect sync! Even as defeat looms, cooperation might just win the day!

Huge variety of characters – Be spoiled for choice with a wide range of cat characters beyond your imagination! There are more than 350 cat characters available. Players will be able to collect new cats from the capsule machine with no additional fees. Look forward to evolve and train these lovable cats!

Extensive variety of game stages – A different collection of stages will be available each day! Your Cats will start their journey by conquering the planet in “Empire of Cats”, then continue on to greater challenges in the “Into the Future” and “Cats of the Cosmos” story arcs. Or you can challenge the “Stories of Legend”, a journey across time to find the mythic Cats of Legend. With over 300 stages to play including daily Blitz stages, there is so much to do – Gather your Cat army and rule the universe!  

Original Mini Games – Watch out for the surprise appearance of mini-game challenges as you progress through the main game! Collect rewards based on your score earned upon clearing the challenge. Enjoy this change of pace in between battles by teaming up with your friends to take on four mini-games in total!

The Battle Cats Unite! is coming to the Nintendo Switch on December 9, 2021.

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