Faith of Danschant: Hereafter is another stunning and promising Chinese Action RPG

In what could be another “Black Myth: Wukong” moment, where the collective gaming public was in awe of it when it was first revealed, another promising Chinese action RPG is getting people talking and it is Faith of Danschant: Hereafter.

Faith of Danschant: Hereafter is the sequel to the 2017 release, and is a single-player action RPG game for PC and Consoles being developed by Beijing Joyfun and Wangyuan Shengtang. The game is using Unreal Engine 4 and is expected to have English localization, according to Daniel Ahmad.

According to NVIDIA, the game will utilize ray-traced reflections, global illumination, shadows, and NVIDIA DLSS.

Check out the 12-minute gameplay trailer below courtesy of IGN:

Faith of Danschant: Hereafter still needs some work, as the combat still lacks a bit of heft along with better voice acting, but overall the game shows promise paired with some interesting mechanics and is looking like another spectacle from Chinese developers.

No release date nor specific consoles have been announced, so hopefully, we’ll hear more of the game soon.

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