DualSense Edge Wireless Controller Unveiled by Sony

Sony has unveiled the DualSense Edge Wireless Controller for the PS5.

Revealed during Gamescom Opening Night Live, this is Sony’s first ever high-performance controller that is designed to allow players an extra layer of customizability, both from the hardware and software side of things.

The DualSense Edge controller will allow for button remapping, deactivating specific button inputs, stick sensitivity and dead zone adjustments, and even trigger adjustments such as travel distance. Pairs with a dedicated “Fn” button, players won’t even have to leave their games to adjust profiles and settings.

As with some of the premium offerings in the market today, the DualSense Edge will also allow for removable stick caps, giving players 3 choices (standard, high dome, low dome) for precision grip and feel. There are also two back buttons that are swappable (half-dome and lever), which can be configured to any button input.

One of the biggest features of this new controller will be the ability to replace the analog stick modules, ensuring a solution to controller drift that doesn’t require having to actually replace your controllers.

Overall, the DualSense Edge maintains the design of the current DualSense controller, leaving players in a familiar place with hardware that they have been used to using for the past couple of years, bringing along the usual features such as haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, built-in mic, and much more.

Each controller will come with included stick caps, back button sets, a USB-C braided cable, and a carrying case to keep your new controller safe and organized that allows for charging even while it is stored.

Back in June, a DualSense “Pro” Controller was rumored to be in development from Sony, with features that align with this latest reveal.

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