Super Punch-Out!! Secret 2-player Mode Discovered After Almost 30 Years

Super Punch-Out!!, the game that almost single-handedly molded my childhood gaming memories, apparently has a 2-player mode that has just been discovered, almost 30 years after it first launched back in 1994 for the SNES.

A Twitter account named Unlisted Cheats was casually messing around with the game and found out that there are 2 more unknown cheats, both of which do not require any hacks or mods.

The first cheat allowed players to fight any opponent in the game in a free single match, including special circuit fighters. It required basic button inputs and can be accessed by simply holding Y+R on the title screen and then pressing A or start.

One other cheat, and definitely the more intriguing one, allows players to control the CPU opponent using a second controller, effectively making Super Punch-Out!! a 2-player game.

Super Punch-Out!! players will know that this is a huge discovery, as it also makes the game much more replayable in the process, and finally getting Gabby Jay his first (un)official win in his career.

Even better, Nintendo Life and Kat Bailey of IGN have both confirmed that it works on the Nintendo Switch! Apart from allowing you to control the opponents, players can also perform their special moves, such as Bald Bull’s bull charge by holding down + B.

The discovery is huge, but the fact that it is doable on the Nintendo Switch online version of the game is such a treat for fans of the game, and even those that want to try it out for the first time.

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