Like a Dragon: Ishin! Early Story and Main Characters Revealed

SEGA has announced brand new information about Like a Dragon: Ishin!, which is scheduled to release for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC on February 22, 2023.

The information provided will cover Tosa and Kyo, the setting for the game, and the key characters of this turbulent Bakumatsu era tale, such as Sakamoto Ryoma.

Check out the full details below provided by SEGA:

The Beginning
Despite being a goshi, a low-ranking samurai, Sakamoto Ryoma’s skill with the blade earns him special permission to hone his swordsmanship in Edo.
After a year of training, Ryoma returns to his hometown of Tosa.
Upon returning, however, he sees another side of Tosa: an oppressive class system that hasn’t changed since he was born.
Having learned about the outside world while living in Edo, Ryoma decides to confront this
oppression with his own hands.
But his resistance is in vain, and he is imprisoned for his actions.

At that time, a man appears:
Magistrate Yoshida Toyo, the most important person in Tosa.

Toyo secretly supports the children who have lost their parents or siblings due to the class system, raising them as if they were his own.
Ryoma was one of those children.
Through Toyo’s intervention, Ryoma is released from prison.
Ryoma heads towards Kochi Castle with his “brother” Takechi, whom he grew up with, to discuss future plans with Toyo.
However, a masked man appears during the meeting and assassinates Toyo. When the guards arrive, they mistakenly suspect Ryoma to be the killer. Ryoma manages to shake them off and chases after the masked man, but the man is able to escape due to his Tennen Rishin sword style.

Ryoma leaves Tosa in order to pursue the masked man and avenge his mentor.
He conceals his identity and goes into hiding in the city of Kyo. There, he learns from an informant that several Tennen Rishin users have gathered in a certain organization:
The Shinsengumi, a notorious group of killers feared as the Mibu Wolves.
Ryoma abandons his name and becomes “Saito Hajime”, prepared to risk his life to infiltrate the organization.

A prominent castle town in Japan, home to “Nankaido’s Greatest Castle” – Kochi Castle. While it may seem simple, the town is full of energy, and people come and go constantly. However, a strict class system has everyone living in fear of the high-ranking samurai, the Joshi.
A land where the lines between dark and light are blurred. This setting will have a profound impact on Ryoma’s humanity.

The heart of Japan and home to many important political locations, such as the Imperial Palace.
There are many unique districts in the city of Kyo, such as Fushimi, which is filled with commoners and inns; Rakunai, a bustling area that symbolizes Kyo; Rakugai, a suspicious stretch of land with little traffic; Gion, a colorful town with many fine dining establishments and red-light districts; and Mukurogai, a dangerous place that most does not dare to approach.
It is said that those who conquer Kyo will become the leaders of Japan. Many have gathered at the city to realize their ambitions.

Main Characters – Tosa
The “Dragon” of Tosa Searching for His Purpose
Tosa Goshi
Sakamoto Ryoma (Voiced by Takaya Kuroda)

Ryoma was born as a “goshi”, the lowest class in Tosa.
While Takechi Hanpeita and other youngsters in the same situation as him are working hard to change their circumstances, Ryoma struggles to find a purpose in life.
However, his skill with the sword is peerless in Tosa, and he is even allowed to train in Edo.
Along with Takechi Hanpeita and Yoshida Toyo, who sees promise on Ryoma, he makes preparations to reform the domain.
However, an incident occurs on the eve of the revolution that drastically changes Ryoma’s life.

Leader of the Revolutionaries and Ryoma’s Sworn Brother
Founder of the Tosa Loyalist Party 【NEW CAST】
Takechi Hanpeita (Voiced by Hideo Nakano)

Takechi is Ryoma’s sworn brother who has looked after him since they were children.
Yoshida Toyo saw promise in Ryoma and Takechi, and he supported them as they grew up.
He stands equal to Ryoma who is considered the strongest in Tosa.
Many members of the Tosa Loyalist Party joined because they admire Takechi.
When Ryoma returns from Edo, Takechi invites him to the Tosa Loyalist Party and entrusts him with the position of “Party Representative”, second-in-command of the party.
However, the two go their separate ways after the death of their foster father, Yoshida Toyo.

Ryoma’s Foster Parent and The Most Important Person in Tosa
Tosa Clan Magistrate
Yoshida Toyo (Voiced by Unsho Ishizuka)

Known as the right hand of Yodo Yamauchi,the lord of Tosa, Toyo is a central figure in the domain.
Regarded to be an extremely strict ruler, he is feared by many.
However, in reality, he is a very compassionate man with a strong sense of justice, and he despises the unjust ruling system more than anyone else.
For many years, Toyo has secretly provided support to lower-class children who’ve lost their parents and face discrimination.
All of this was done to gather the human resources needed to invoke change in the domain.
Among these people were Sakamoto Ryoma and Takechi Hanpeita, his sworn brother.
On the eve of the revolution, however, Toyo is cut down.
His death has a drastic impact on the lives of his foster sons, Ryoma, and Takechi.

Tosa Loyalist Party
Okada Izo (Voiced by Kazuhiro Nakaya)

Tosa Samurai
Nakaoka Shintaro (Voiced by Kazuhiro Yamaji)

Main Characters – Shinsengumi

The Absent Chief Shrouded in Mystery
Shinsengumi Chief 【NEW CAST】
Kondo Isami (Voiced by Akio Otsuka)

Kondo is the Chief of the Shinsengumi.
He possesses the uncanny ability to unite a group of outlaws into a cohesive organization.
However, he rarely appears at the Shinsengumi Barracks and even some of the captains have never seen his face.

The Cruel and Merciless “Deputy Chief from Hell”
Shinsengumi Deputy Chief
Hijikata Toshizo (Voiced by Nakamura Shido)

As the second highest-ranking member of the Shinsengumi, Hijikata manages the affairs of
the group in place of the ever-absent Kondo.
He created laws for the organization and mercilessly disposes of members who violate them.
Even Shinsengumi Captains aren’t shown any leniency.
In addition to his ruthlessness, he rarely shows any emotion, and members of the organization secretly refer to him as the “Deputy Chief from Hell”.

The Mibu Wolf who is shrouded in mystery
Shinsengumi Captain of the Third Division
Saito Hajime (Voiced by Takaya Kuroda)

Hajime is a mysterious ronin whose origins and real name is unknown.
Due to his reclusive lifestyle devoted to gambling and drinking, he regularly receives snide remark from workers at the Teradaya Inn.
However, his true identity is Sakamoto Ryoma, who has abandoned his name and infiltrated Kyo to pursue the man who killed Yoshida Toyo.
After a yearlong investigation, Ryoma concludes that the perpetrator is connected to the Shinsengumi, and he steps into the wolves’ den to get closer to the truth.

Shinsengumi Advisor 【NEW CAST】
Ito Kashitaro (Voiced by Hitoshi Ozawa)

Shinsengumi Captain of the First Division
Okita Soji (Voiced by Hidenari Ugaki)

Shinsengumi Captain of the Second Division
Nagakura Shinpachi (Voiced by Rikiya Koyama)

Shinsengumi Captain of the Fourth Division
Matsubara Chuji (Voiced by Hiroki Tochi)

Shinsengumi Captain of the Fifth Division【NEW CAST】
Takeda Kanryusai (Voiced by Riki Takeuchi)

Shinsengumi Captain of the Sixth Division
Inoue Genzaburo (Voiced by Shunsuke Sakuya)

Shinsengumi Captain of the Seventh Division【NEW CAST】
Tani Sanjuro (Voiced by Masanori Takeda)

Shinsengumi Captain of the Eighth Division【NEW CAST】
Todo Heisuke (Voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto)

Shinsengumi Captain of the Ninth Division【NEW CAST】
Harada Sanosuke (Voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto)

Shinsengumi Captain of the Tenth Division
Suzuki Mikisaburo (Voiced by Ayumi Tanida)

Shinsengumi Inspector 【NEW CAST】
Yamazaki Susumu (Voiced by Yuichi Nakamura)

Key Characters

The Unique Commander of Satsuma
Satsuma Military Commander
Saigo Kichinosuke (Voiced by Masami Iwasaki)

Saigo is a large man with a honed, muscular physique and golden hair.
His striking appearance leaves an impression on everyone he meets.
While he has a warlike and dynamic personality, he also has the aptitude to debate with
Bakufu officials and leaders of other domains.
Not a single soul knows what Saigo and the Satsuma domain are aiming to do.

A Mysterious Informant Lurking in the Streets of Kyo
Choshu Samurai
Niibori Matsusuke (Voiced by Koichi Yamadera)

Niibori is an aloof and elusive man.
His name is a pseudonym, and only a few people know his true identity.
It seems that he has a shop somewhere in Kyo that serves as his base of operations,
but nobody is certain.

Teradaya’s Poster Girl
Oryo (Voiced by Manami Sugihira)

Oryo is a worker at Teradaya, Ryoma’s regular lodging and one of Kyo’s prominent inns.
A beautiful and elegant woman, she has become a main draw for the establishment, bringing in many of the regulars.
Nobody in Kyo knows that Ryoma has infiltrated the city in pursuit of his foster father’s murderer.
To Oryo, he’s just another troublesome guest who’s always behind on rent.
After Ryoma joins the Shinsengumi, she begins to show her true self to him.
With her hatred for those who take the lives of others, how will she respond to his choice?


The Last Shogun, Who Faces a Greatest Challenge
15th Shogun of the Edo Bakufu
Tokugawa Yoshinobu (Voiced by Satoshi Tokushige)

During the most difficult period in the 300-year history of the Tokugawa Bakufu, Yoshinobu takes the helm.
Although he is young, he is the only one among those in succession who possesses the wisdom and courage to do “what needs to be done” for the country…
Ryoma, who left Tosa and lives in hiding, and Yoshinobu, who stands at the top of the country.
These two men come from backgrounds that couldn’t be more different from each other.
What will happen when their paths cross?

The Leader of an Up-and-Coming Power
Sasaki Tadasaburo (Voiced by Rintarou Nishi)

The Mimawarigumi is an armed group in Kyo that acts as a counterpart to the Shinsengumi.
In contrast to the Shinsengumi, who welcomes the strong regardless of their upbringing, the Mimawarigumi is a prestigious organization that only consists of samurai directly from the Shogun’s family.
These two groups carry out the same mission of maintaining order in Kyo.
On the surface, they appear to have a cooperative relationship, but in reality, they are engaging in a fierce conflict for supremacy.
Sasaki leads the Mimawarigumi and appears in front of the Shinsengumi at every turn, standing in their way.

An Ambitious Man Lurking within the Bakufu
Bakufu Navy Admiral 【NEW CAST】
Katsu Rintaro (Voiced by Kosuke Toriumi)

Katsu oversees the Bakufu’s Navy, which becomes the cornerstone of national defense as the threat of overseas powers draws near.
On the surface, he is an influential figure who supports the Bakufu. However, he has been conducting some unsettling actions recently, such as personally introducing Satsuma Military Commander Saigo Kichinosuke to “Sakamato Ryoma”, a mysterious arms dealer who has connections with Britain.

like a dragon ishin key art

Like a Dragon: Ishin! is scheduled to release for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC on February 22, 2023.

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