Ubisoft Introduces ‘Fair Play Program’ to Promote Positive In-game Interactions

Ubisoft has announced the launch of Fair Play Program, a new tool that is aimed to raise awareness about the ongoing spread of disruptive in-game behavior.

The Fair Play Program is a new learning platform featuring self-paced learning capsules has been designed to provide players with resources to better understand in-game disruptive behaviors and the impact it can have on other players’ experience.

This initiative is a continuation of Ubisoft’s bigger journey of creating gaming structures that foster more rewarding social experiences and avoid harmful interactions through multiple approaches such as the recently announced “Zero Harm in Comms” research project launched with Riot Games.

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“At Ubisoft, our key objective is to create games that foster positive online experiences and to make sure that players evolve in safe communities.” said Jérémy Marchadier, Director of Player Safety at Ubisoft. “Disruptive behavior in games is an issue we take seriously and that we believe should be tackled through multiple approaches. We believe that education and the promotion of positive play are paramount to inducing a positive shift in players’ experience.”

The Fair Play Program is scheduled to launch today and Rainbow Six Siege players will get to check it out alongside the Rainbow Six Reputation Score display, a new tool that will enable players to have a clear and concrete understanding of the impact of their behavior in-game.

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