Tekken 8 Will Have Crossplay and Rollback Netcode

Tekken 8 Director Katsuhiro Harada has just confirmed a couple of key features for Tekken 8, including Crossplay and Rollback Netcode.
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In a series of Tweets, Harada has answered a number of questions from players looking forward to the highly-anticipated game, which included the confirmation of these important features that many have been requesting.

Harada confirms crossplay, allowing players from different platforms, for Tekken 8. This feature was missing from Tekken 7, so the addition of it in this latest installment will be sure to earn a round of applause from the players.

The outspoken director also pointed out that he proposed crossplay back in the previous console generation, but says that it was refused because “they were at odds with each other over their mutual interests (and P2P security issue),” they being PS and MS presumably.

Harada continued to confirm Rollback Netcode as well, which is another highly-sought after feature in fighting games that improves the overall experience when playing online.

It was quite the snarky response, with Harada seemingly criticizing how modern-day players always have something to say even though the feature has already been announced.

On top of these features, Harada also reveals some information that players can look forward to that should excite them further for Tekken 8.

With regard to how many characters the game will have at launch, while Harada did not give an exact number, owing to the fact that there is a lot of hard work to be done per character, he did say that he thinks “it’s a lot more than Capcom-san,” quite possibly referring to the launch roster of Capcom’s Street Fighter 6.

A beta test will also be coming for Tekken 8, and while the team has no specific dates on that yet, Harada requests the players to be patient as only alpha tests are being conducted at the moment.

Lastly, while Harada did not confirm any performance modes yet for the console releases, players who are not concerned about specs should naturally play the PS5 or Xbox Series. No system requirements for PC have been confirmed by Harada or Bandai Namco.

Tekken 8 is in development for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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