Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Gets New Story Trailer and Explosive Gameplay Featuring Symbiote Suit

PlayStation Studios and Insomniac Games’ highly anticipated sequel, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, took center stage during the PlayStation Showcase.

During the showcase, the game received a story trailer that introduces Kraven the Hunter, along with a gameplay reveal trailer that features two playable Spider-Heroes with Peter Parker in the symbiote suit and Miles Morales.

Spider-Man 2 will feature new skills and abilities, each unique to Peter and Morales. Parker, with the Symbiote Suit, is more aggressive and doesn’t hold back on any punches, dealing attacks that shows no mercy towards the baddies.

During the Miles Morales Section of the trailer, we also get to see a couple of new improvements to traversal. Web wings will be available to both characters, allowing them to zip through the city with ease thanks to wind tunnels in between skylines.

Miles also showcases a new ability, the Web Line, giving players another way to sneak around the environment before getting the drop on unsuspecting enemies.

Spider-Man 2 will also feature graphical improvements, lighting and audio upgrades, along with Insomniac’s signature use of the DualSense features to increase immersion.

Let us also not forget that Spider-Man 2 is an epic single player narrative adventure that puts a premium at fantastic storytelling backed up by frenetic web-slinging action. While we haven’t really seen Venom just yet, this story beat has been greatly featured and we can’t wait to see how it plays out when it launches later this year.

marvel's spider-man 2 symbiote attack

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is coming to the PS5 in Fall 2023.

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